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Kaltun Mining started its activities in the early 1960s. At the beginning Kaltun supplied raw materials to some domestic glass factories and to the Turkish ceramics industry. The Kaltun group has grown with its unique dynamism, product and production quality and of course professional staff year by year. Today, with approximately 850 employees, it has become a global leading company supplying to ceramic tile, glass, composite stone and paint industries.

Kaltun Group consists of 15 companies, of which 9 are industrial raw material producers and traders, 3 are energy producers, 2 are agriculture and animal husbandry, and 1 is in shipbuilding.

Kaltun Madencilik, which performs 35% of Turkey`s sodium feldspar exports, is among the very well known companies in the world in feldspar production according to the figures of year 2013.

Founder (1932-2012)




Yüksel Tuncer
Chairman of the Board
Kamil Tuncer
Board Member
Mehmet Tuncer
Board Member



Executive Board


Mehmet Yunus Şahin
Mehmet Yunus Şahin
General Coordinator
Mustafa Uysal
Mustafa Uysal
Technical Manager
Özcan İlter
Özcan İlter
Production Manager
İhsan Akaçin
İhsan Akaçin
Plant Manager
Fikret Bayraktar
Fikret Bayraktar
Sales and Marketing Manager
Seyfettin Döşer
Seyfettin Döşer
Accounts and Administration Manager
Reyhan İyiuyarlar
Reyhan İyiuyarlar
Finance Manager
Sabriye Güngör
Sabriye Güngör
Quality Assurance Chief
Kadir Ergün Ataköy
Kadir Ergün Ataköy
Business Development & Quality Manager

Kaltun is serving the ceramics and glass sector for more than 50 years.

In the ceramics sector, the products are particularly used in the production of unglazed porcelain tile, floor and wall tiles, glaze, sanitary ware, porcelain and goods for decoration. As for glass sector, Kaltun serves the manufacturers producing float glass, tableware, container glass, crystal and some technical glass. And Kaltun is proud to be a main supplier to composite stone (polyester and quartz) and paint sectors as well as serving to enamel, filtration, silicon cable and other related areas on domestic and export basis.




Kaltun has always aimed to manufacture processed material and to achieve the highest export rates which is now 80% of the total sales.

Countries exported to to-date are listed below;

Customer satisfaction has always been the main concern for Kaltun being the pioneering company in the sector.


The company started ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Studies in the beginning of 1995. After attentive efforts, Kaltun has fulfilled the requirements and been awarded with ISO 9002 at the end of 1996; in this way Kaltun, the undersigned, owned the honor of being ‘first’ in its field in Turkey. Kaltun has also been awarded in November 2003 with the certificate of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certificate. And in 2009 it is upgraded to ISO 9001: 2008.


Efficient use of natural resources,

Ensuring timely, sustainable quality and affordability of customer requests,

To increase communication among employees,

Do a job first time and one time,

To keep up with the competition conditions by considering the interests of the country,

Supporting the research and development activities for the economic and efficient production, the development of new products and the acquisition of new minefields,

Providing support to the employees on necessary education, equipment, trust and authority,


We will continuously improve our business processes in order to increase the effectiveness of the quality management system.



Kaltun Madencilik San.Nak.ve Akaryakıt Tic. AŞ is a giant company in the mining industry with 850 employees. With the awareness that human resources are the source of success, it is aimed to implement human resources policies that will contribute to the personal and professional development of each of our employees and create a sustainable learning environment that can raise living standards.

In the Leadership of the Company Management, Kaltun aims to be a privileged community to work with by

• Introducing the right people to the company, to place them, to develop and keep them, to provide good working conditions that they can perform with high motivation and in high performance both individually and as a team ,

• Ensuring that they are ready for more important tasks within the company’s growth and development strategies;

• Ensuring the effectiveness of internal communication;

• Strengthening the sense of belonging;

• Making “respect to human” is the main principal;

• Increasing the happiness of working for the company;

• Developing the Human Resources systems and practices to enable the company`s mission, goals and strategies;

• Ensuring that the company is exemplified in Human Resources;

• Developing and sustaining leadership skills continuously and systematically, and ensuring that accurate and effective leaders are cultivated and developed throughout the company for generations;

• Maintaining the company`s culture by strengthening its business philosophy.

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